I Need Human Anatomy Help!!! What's the difference of physiology and anatomy in these questions?

which ones are examples of Physiology, and which ones are examples of Human Anatomy? If you don’t want to give the answers at least tell me the difference between the two please?

A. Measuring an organ’s size, shape, and weight.
B.Can be studied in dead specimens
C.Often studied in living subjects
D.Chemistry Principles
E.Measuring the acid content of the stomach.
F.Principles of physics
G.Observing a heart in action.

Thank You for your help..

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  • Space Moo™

    Anatomy – parts of the body, what they are made of, and their location.

    Physiology – how those parts of the body work.

    Use these definitions to answer the question and you will have a greater understanding of what you are studying. Getting other people to answer the question for you is not learning – it’s cheating. Answer it using the definitions I gave you, then post your answers in the additional details and I can tell you if you are correct and fix any mistakes.

    Since "Sheon" just walked all over what I said by giving you his answers I might as well give you mine:

    A. Anatomy
    B. Anatomy
    C. Physiology(it’s the study of how a living body system works and so you need to study a living subject)
    D. Both(Chemistry is defined as the science that describes matter – properties, changes it undergoes, and energy changes that go along with the processes)
    E. Anatomy
    F. Physiology
    G. Physiology(observing how the heart works)

    The kidneys don’t filter water – they filter the blood and excrete the waste as urine.

  • maggie l

    Anatomy is structure- like bones or an organ.

    Physiology is the process of how it works, such as how the kidneys filter water.

  • The above are correct also:

    A anatomy
    B anatomy
    C both
    D physiology
    E physiology
    F physiology
    G both (although more physiology than anatomy)

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