I want to get a headstart in my human anatomy class?

Im taking Human Anatomy in college this year and ive heard that it is very hard and many people have to drop out. Is there any websites or short books that i can view over the summer to get a headstart?
yes that would be wonderful


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  • someone else’s notes is a nice reference but arent always exactly how you learn or remember.
    i know this sounds crazy but it works……

    Buy an anatomy coloring book and buy a physiology coloring book!! the author is Wynn Kapit and the books are great! they are both on amazon and in many book stores.
    the physiology one is my favorite. it gives detailed explaination along with the coloring.

    you actually should color in them. you learn better and remember more the more senses you engage in the learning process.
    and you will have fun doing this. i used to color in my books while watching tv or listening to music and then look over them again when it was quiet.

    using someone’s else notes (they remembered and learned stuff because they engaged the sense of eyes and writing) means that you will only be using you eyes to look over.

    if you color them before class starts, you’ll be relaxed and can use them as a reference later.

  • Anatomy isn’t too difficult, physiology is a little harder. Want me to email my old course notes to ya? Im an honours year biology student

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