I want to start drawing in a manga style but how should I go about doing so?

I want to start making manga so I need to find my own manga style. How should I start? Studying the human anatomy or maybe drawing in styles that I like such as One Piece and Bleach until I form my own? Thank you!

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  • Starfire

    What you said is basically what I did when I first started drawing manga. You are on the right track. Do you own any manga or does your local library have any manga? If so, you could use those as references to assist you in drawing. That’s what I do. You can also study the people around you. How do they sit? What do their hands look like when they hold a book? That is also a great way to learn about the human anatomy.

  • olstar18

    Just draw. There are plenty of books and websites out there that can help you start out but they only take you so far and manga is a style with a lot of variation in realism so whatever you want to do is pretty much correct.

  • Ophexis

    It’s true that you should just start drawing. Practice is the best thing you can do when you want to draw in any kind of style. Of course you are free to "use" a style that already exists, but the best thing to do is to study the human body in realistic proportions and then stylize it yourself. I’m not sure if that’s very clear..^^’

    In my personnal opinion it’s better not to "copy" or imitate a style, it’s better to try to find your own and experiment with your drawings. And nothing forces you to stick to a single "style" either!
    In my case, ever since I’ve drawn real live model in art classes I’ve had a lot more easy time to draw, so your best bet is to base yourself at realism and then adding stylized elements to it.

    I really hope I’m not too confusing! You can also look at art websites, like deviantART (there are a lot more but I know this one better) because there are tons of tutorials.

  • B Wong

    Definitely draw human anatomy and practicing your own style. You can imitate at first obviously just to get some practice. But youre in the right direction in trying to find your own style. So many ppl who want to be manga artists try to copy other mangaka and thats why they won’t be good.

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