In college, you major in whatever interests you or something related to the career that interests you?

people are telling me to major in whatever i want to and that is doesn’t have to be at all related to my career. So, if i was interested in becoming a Physician Assistant, I could major in biochemistry, calculus, or human anatomy, then apply to a Physician Assistant school?

Or I could major in arts, history, economics, and still apply to Physician Assistant schools?

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  • Yes, for a PA program you should major in something medicine-related. Many PA programs require medical work experience as well as a fair amount of science/health-related classes, sometimes more than med school requirements.

  • blessed80

    It’s always good to have a varied background and a good knowledge of all subjects. But it would make sense if you major in something that you plan to turn into a career.

  • El Bow

    You’re getting bad advice.

    PA (graduate) schools require their candidates to have some background in Medical care, preferably in direct contact with patients. PA started out as a way to convert Military Medics into civilian medical "physician extenders". Your undergrad degree should be medical-related.

    Also, you need to be more realistic.
    Your High School GPA is 3.1. You say you are a "mediocre" student in community college.
    Physician Assistant programs are extremely competitive and the schools are flooded with applicants. They have their choice of excellent students with high GPAs. They will not be interested in you. You would be wasting your time in "pre-PA".

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