Is Human Anatomy and Physiology I hard to take online?

I am in the progress of taking my core classes in order to apply to a nursing program. Should I take Human Anatomy & Physiology I in class or should I be okay if I take it online. I have taken online courses before and have done fine, but I don’t really retain the information per se. I am just wondering if this is the kind of class I need to be in a classroom in order to get an A.
The class online does include labs. They mail us the specimens.

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  • I personally think it is much easier to understand if you take a course that has a lab component, and it would be very difficult to do that on line! (I taught college A&P.)

  • Corey

    as long as you take thorough notes and study well you should be fine. Physiology and anatomy are those kind of classes where things like this are crucial. If you teach yourself well, i suggest taking it online, if not you may need a classroom

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