Is there a House MD episode that involves a lot about anatomy and/or human physiology?

I need to watch an episode of it for an extra credit assignment in my class, but I need to choose one that involves the subject: human anatomy/physiology.

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  • Hamish

    "Skin Deep" Season 2 Episode 13
    House has a burst of insight and gets an MRI of Alex’s pelvic area. He discovers that Alex has “male pseudohermaphrodism” and has testes instead of ovaries. A tumor on one of these testes is what has given Alex her paraneoplastic syndrome and explains away all her symptoms. The tumor can be removed surgically, but what can be done for Alex who thought she was a she but may be a he (depending on how strictly you choose to define the terms).

  • TeamEdward

    There’s one about this really pretty girl who turns out to be a guy. Thanks definitely about anatomy!

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