Is there a name for this way of thinking? Conscious brain-body seperation, brain is controller, body is host?

I am a deep thinker, atheist and also really big on physical fitness. I am a fitness instructor and a firm believer in the saying "a sound body is a sound mind" I think thats how it goes.I explore diff ways of thinking, and came upon this way of thinking while in one of my deep thinking modes. Basically instead of thinking of the body as one entity, you seperate body and brain. Instead of "You" being you, as in your entire body being "you", actually you are your brain. "You" are your brain and your "body" is the host. Basically your viewing your brain as a parasite that uses your body as a medium to perform physical tasks. The brain is connected to the body via spinal cord and nervous system. This way of thinking has helped me go well beyond my fitness means to reach higher levels of fitness, as oppose to a viewing the body and mind as one, it really helps to seperate the two. Things gets really interesting if you have an understanding of human anatomy and physiology. I have been thinking this way for three years and I can honestly say that it has really payed off and has brought all of my fiscal and fitness goals laying in my lap, Peace. 🙂
ThankYou Jesere, that was very insightful 🙂 I will use these 2 ways of thinking interchangeably as you said. Hopefully one day I will have an "out of body" experience as you have. That sounds awesome.

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  • malikjinn

    What you’re describing is dualism which is the philosophy that there is a distinct mind from the body – kind of like the ghost in the machine.

    Yours sounds a little like a new-age dualism.

  • 3rd person, omnipresent, stream of consciousness.

  • athousandstars


    Although you’re certainly not the first to think this.
    I have scoliosis, and i’m wondering if I separate my brain from my body what will happen, would I be able to make my spine go straight, who knows.
    I did read this book, anatomy of the spirit and it’s basically about how we cause our own physical/internal diseases. The human mind sure is powerful I know that. But how powerful and in control exactly…I can see this way of thinking being able to eliminate body image problems. I’m also into fitness, and am studying fitness next semester. My brother often tells me of all these amazing things the body does he’s studied in depth with a degree in science movement and health, so pretty much anatomy and the body and physical health. When I did anatomy at uni not long ago, I remember reading my text book and actually feeling sorry that my body did so much for me and I fuelled it with shitty foods yet it still functioned well. But my body did that automatically because my brain was sending all the msgs making sure everything was running smoothly. SO yeah, I guess the brain does have a lot of control over the body. Look forward to studying this further next semester.

  • Jesere

    You have made a common error…
    The Mind and Brain are separate Entities,

    yet we tend to use these concepts interchangeably
    as if they mean the same thing which they Do Not.***

    I was a Medic In the Navy for 11 years
    so I have a very Good understanding of Anatomy & Physiology
    and at 56, I have the Heart of an 18 year old…
    and I studied Psychology and I understand the Mind Body
    Connection and Disconnection…and our ability to Evolve

    ***The Soul/Spirit or Consciousness resides in the Mind

    not to be confused with the Brain which is Physical

    The Mind works through the Brain while we inhabit
    a Physical Body…

    The Brian and Body "Needs" the Mind to exist…

    whereas the Mind "Does Not Need" the Brain or Body to exist.

    I have Experienced OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences)
    for over 48 years…You are still Your when you exit the body
    and You perceive of Having a Body but it’s not Physical…

    When we die all we do is shed the Physical Body and return Home.

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