Online Biology Tuition


Let me ask you a question…..

Does any of this sound familiar?


  •  You have a great knowledge of  the content but when it comes to the exam questions you do not know how to answer


  •  You did well at GCSE but right now you’re getting low grades in  your mocks and topic tests and it is upsetting because you don’t know where you’re going wrong


  •  You have been told to work on your exam technique but to be honest you don’t really know what this exam technique is about

  •  Your teachers just are not giving you any personal suggestions on how to improve where you are struggling with your answers


If any of these ring true with you then ……..

 you are now in the right place!

My Name is Kathy Davison


I am an online Biology tutor. I’ve been a full-time Biology teacher for 30 years ……..yes that long! and in the last few years have been teaching students online.

I have worked with hundreds of students and built up thousands of hours of experience.

This experience has allowed me to see  the mistakes students make and the mistakes that do not allow then to achieve the grades they want and need. I have been privileged  to be able to help them make  the changes they have made and the  new skills they have developed.

This has allowed them  to overcome their struggles

What are you struggling with?

The fact that you’ve ended up right here now and you’re looking for an online A-Level or GCSE Biology Tutor means that it’s likely your studies aren’t quite going to plan.

Maybe you already know what you are doing  wrong and what aspect of your studying you need to concentrate on……

Or,  maybe – you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but you’re not getting anywhere close to  the grades you need for University

Whichever you are …..I am here to help

Contact me at the email address below and I shall get back to you straight away

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