Question about human anatomy?

It’s about the digestive system. It seems like in demonstrations and cartoons, for example, the magic school bus did an episode about going through the digestive track. They always make the stomach to look like a sack with a pool of stomach acid at the bottom. The stomach is suppose to look like a pool with food that floats in it. But when you get an actual view of a real stomach it looks nothing like that. In every video of a camera going into the stomach there is no distinct pool of acid. Why is that? What does the inside of the stomach actually look like???

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  • Marina del Rey

    like a wet mussel

    Stomach – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached
    Role in digestion|
    Anatomy of the…|
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    The stomach is a muscular, hollow, dilated part of the digestion system which functions as an important organ of the digestive tract in some animals …
    The Stomach (Human Anatomy): Picture, Function, Definition … Cached
    WebMD’s Stomach Anatomy Page provides a detailed image of the stomach and describes its definition, location in the body, function, and conditions that affect the …
    Stomach – Image Results
    Stomach and Colorectal Cancers
    The Stomach (Human Anatomy): Picture, Function, Definition, Conditions …
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    Stomach three misunderstanding patients with stomach should not be …
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    More Stomach images
    Russian doctor ‘stole heroin from drug mule’s stomach’ | Fox News…stole-heroin-from-drug-mule-stomach Cached
    Russian police on Tuesday said they had arrested a Siberian surgeon on suspicion of stealing heroin that he had extracted from the stomach of a drug mule.
    Stomach Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Stages and Gastric Cancer … Cached
    Read about stomach cancer symptoms, causes, stages, gastric cancer statistics, diagnosis, surgery, other treatment types and risk factors, like H. pylori.
    Stomach Disorders: MedlinePlus – National Library of Medicine … Cached
    You can relieve some stomach problems with over-the-counter medicines and lifestyle changes, such as avoiding fatty foods or eating more slowly.
    Human Stomach: learn interesting and uncanny facts about the … Cached
    It changes size and shape according to is position of the body and the amount of food inside. The stomach is about 12 inches (30.5 cm … Body Location of the Stomach.
    stomach – definition of stomach in the Medical dictionary … Cached
    stomach /stom·ach/ (stum´ak) the musculomembranous expansion of the alimentary canal between the esophagus and duodenum, consisting of a cardiac part, a fundus, a …
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    Definition of STOMACH. 1. a (1): a dilatation of the alimentary canal of a vertebrate communicating anteriorly with the esophagus and posteriorly with the duodenum (2 …
    Russia: Surgeon stole heroin found in stomach | Cached
    MOSCOW (AP) – Russian police say they have arrested a surgeon who stole some of the heroin he had been called on to extract from the stomach of a suspected drug mule …
    Stomach cancer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached
    Signs and symptoms|
    Stomach cancer, or gastric cancer, refers to cancer arising from any part of the stomach. Stomach cancer causes about 800,000 deaths worldwide per year. Prognosis is …

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