Should I become a Pediatrician, or a Forensic Pathologist?

Right now i’m 14 years old in Highschool (Freshman), and the Human Anatomy always intrigues me.

What i’m torn is between choosing what:

A Pediatrician

or a Forensic Pathologist (The people that uses autopsy, and concludes what kills the victim.)

Can someone tell me what I should do? And which one has a better paying job?

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  • Robert

    Never let someone tell you what to do as a profession. Do the research yourself and find the answers that you need by doing volunteer work, I did a shadow internship at a hospital when I was a teenager where I worked with an intern through a program at a local hospital in New York and followed him around while he did his rounds; the guy was friendly and didn’t mind having me around asking questions and it was a really good experience.

    See what is available in your area.

  • Mymi ndsa twar


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