Should I take human anatomy and physiology or physics sophomore year?

I want to take a career in either medicine or biology, but I’m stuck on these two options. Anatomy is kind of inconvenient to my schedule. Which class should I take?

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  • KrishVan

    Since your intention is to make a career in medicine or biology, taking up anatomy and physiology would be more beneficial to you in the sophomore year. Remember that A&P is more about memorization (facts, figures, diagrams, notes) while physics involves a lot of math, theories and calculations.

    While physics can be useful if medicine is your target career, in terms of relevance, importance and having a head start, anatomy and physiology takes the cake. I would highly recommend that you take up this class.

  • Grace

    anatomy and Phisiology

    because in the 2 years after this year you could take physics or AP physics

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