So disgusted by human anatomy why?

I’m 15 years old and I am more disgusted by human anonomy than my peers (reproductive organs and child birth), I have to learn this stuff in school though why am I so disgusted by it? I do know I was molested a lot growing up does that have anything to so it with? I do t thinks it’s a sexuality thing I am pansexual (attracted to both, just don’t care about gender) and I have sexual thoughts every now and then but never even kissed a guy and don’t feel comfortable with getting too close. Why am I so much more disgusted by this stuff than my peers are ?
Amerdlxstrat- mostly men but both and some of it was oral but one of the people who molested me did a lot of other stuff too, like not just oral and idk one day it brought up memories but not so much any ore , so well yeah. But thankyou very much for your kindness, I appreciate it.

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  • amerdlxstrat

    I am so sorry to hear about your molestation. How old were you when it started and was it by a boy, man, woman, or both? I’m no psychiatrist but I can’t help but believe that had to have a lot to do with your abhorrence of sexual anatomy, at least the male sex organs and quite possibly the female reproductive system too. Without getting too graphic, can I assume you were forced to perform oral sex on a male and/or female? I’m a grown man now and I really enjoy going down on a girl but I didn’t start engaging in that particular act until I’d had intercourse with a few partners first. I was not sure how I felt about the female genitalia, mostly because the girls were too self-conscience to really let me have a look down there, (much less put my mouth there), so I can definitely see how thoughts of childbirth could really amplify that fear and disgust and perhaps bring back really horrible memories. You’re still young and you don’t need to dwell on it. You might talk to a female therapist about it, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to a woman in your family, but I do not think you should complicate these feelings with sexual encounters until after you’ve worked this out. Once you have come to terms with your feelings about sex, men, and your body I believe you will be just fine and hopefully when or if, you ever do have children of your own, you’ll see it for what it really is and was meant to be – one of the most beautiful experiences any woman can have and share with her man. Good luck to you. Peace.

  • I don’t think it is the molestation as I was repetitively when I was a child and I am working towards being a pathologist, although that does mean getting to cut bodies up so maybe it is, different people just like different things like how you enjoy both genders but me only one, it could just be that you are squeamish?

  • It’s pretty obvious that your early molestation is causing a distorted view of sex. Thus the reproduction organs and child birth are offensive to you more so than your peers. Hope this helps. By the way , you may want to try some sort of therapy to rid yourself of this anxiety.
    Good Luck
    Grandpa Mike

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