Someone who can help me decide on a college major?

I am about to start college but am still undeclared. I want to choose a major ASAP. I am thinking about the medical field. I want to learn about human anatomy and how we function. I was looking for a possible major in biology but that also deals with like animals. And i do not really find that interesting. Can someone help me out? What could be a possible major for me?

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  • dancing_smurf

    Hi I want answers,

    If you are interested in the medical field there are a few majors to consider.

    1) Nursing
    2) Biomedical engineering
    3) Chemical engineering specializing in pharmaceutical
    4) Pharmacy
    5) Respiratory therapist at the bachelors level
    6) Biomedical scientist
    7) Physiology

  • anti_dbz

    The best you can do is to begin college as a non-major seeker. You don’t need to declare a major in order to go to a university and in most colleges you will have to take your requirement courses at the beginning. You can take those courses and maybe you will find a major that really interest you.

  • neuro

    If you’re just starting college, there’s no hurry in declaring a major just yet – it’s not done until the end of first year. However, if you want to start thinking about it, consider a major in life sciences – i.e. physiology. It integrates some anatomy with bodily functions – and considers the biology of other living organisms (animals) as well.

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