The bare human body considered inappropriate?

I really don’t understand-
Why is the bare human body considered ‘inappropriate’?
On many online drawing websites, they ban any piece of artwork, no matter how beautifully and well drawn it is, if it shows even a little bit of
cleavage or whateverm. If they really wanted people to be serious about art, shouldn’t they just accept that it’s the human anatomy and allow it? Really, since when has the naked body become such an inappropriate subject? Why do kids these days think sex or the human body is ‘gross’ or ‘inappropriate’?

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  • MJ Vashti

    Logically…I honestly can’t answer the question because I think it’s ridiculous too since were all born naked to begin with. Even when were clothed, there’s some sort of control on what we "should" wear, so no one is happy either way. That is where mooning and flashing become nice features in life.

  • Darth Snape

    US is a very conservative country.

    As the result of that, there are laws about what kind of images can be shown to children.

    Ban on nudity in general rather than erotic content is necessary since the line between porn and art is too blurry for legal purposes.

    Link between nudity and sexuality is the result of such mentality. is not a child-oriented website, and it allows posting of nudes as long as there are proper release forms from the model.

  • Zeus Loves Jupiter

    It is just the way the popular media is. They would rather have nasty violent images, rather than beautiful nude ones

  • Dark Night

    because """ and the human body is a horrid horrid thing

  • Person

    Because not everyones nude body is beautiful.

  • thegreatesteverrocker18

    I met a girl that would have sex but wouldnt let her lover stick his tongue in her mouth. The point is that we have grown so disgusted with the human body in our digital age that anything remotely sexual is deemed inappropriate. The human body is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated for what it is and the amazing things that it can do.

    in short, i completely agree with you 😛

  • ricky

    It’s really sad and your point is well taken. As long as the body is displayed in a tasteful way, what’s the problem.

  • I don’t understand this either. The human body is not dirty, and it isn’t shameful or wrong to be nude. Some people, religious conservatives mostly, put the idea into our heads that the human body needs to be hidden, that it is evil. I say the human body is great and does not need to be covered up.

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