Thoughts on skipping Physics and doing Advance Human Anatomy?

So, I’m going to be a Junior next school year.
I’m going to be 16 by then. (Yay sweet sixteen)
I heard Junior is the hardest year; where a lot of kids drop out.
I want to do something in the medical/science area.

I’m a good student, I have all A’s on my transcript, except for one B 🙁

I’m going to have 8 class next year, that’s including an A hour (class before regular
school schedule starts) & an online-course.

My classes consist of AVID (a college-like program, it’s kinda like the IB program… if any
of you know what that is… hahaha), Orchestra, AA Juniors English, AP World History,
Spanish 2, Advance Human Anatomy, Trig/Collegemath, and the online Nutrition class.

I’m currently taking CP Chemistry, and I’m going to skip Physics.
Is that a good idea? I really don’t want to take Physics my senior year.

Thoughts? Opinions?
Are those classes way too hard with each other,
I work my ass off. I am also lazy, but I think I care too much about
my grades to say SCREW IT like some kids.
I have to get A’s, I’m asian, and because I know that I’m capable of doing
so if I try my hardest 🙂

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  • It is going to be hard to try to balance all these subjects in one year, but as you said if you do your hardest, you are capable of it. As Gandhi says "You cannot say you’re incapable of doing something all you can say is that you’re not doing what is necessary to learn "
    I think if you continue like this, you will have a very bright future ahead of; You already have a good Present :P. Your parents must be proud! But don’t overdo it, if you find that it’s just to hard and confusing, it’s ok to quit one or two non-mandatory subjects just to relax a little bit and give your poor brain a rest! 🙂
    As for advanced human anatomy, there is a program that had helped me a lot during my human anatomy and physiology class last year. It is a comprehensive at home study program. It covers thousands of pages worth of medical topics. There is anatomy, physiology, pharmacology plus other stuff. Oh and also the course materials are available for immediate download.
    Nevertheless, I think the best thing about this course is that it does a really great job at explaining the different medical topics. The material is presented in layman’s terms so that you don’t need to have a medical background in order to understand the lessons.
    Maybe it will be hard for you because there is too much informations but you can take it at the summer. I think it’s a must have if you want to go to med school after graduating high school.
    here is the link:

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