Trying to find short stories for my Human Anatomy Book Report?

Hey everyone! I have to do a book report for my Human Anatomy class. My teacher wants us to do a book report on a book with a sciency… anatomy background. It could be a short fictional story or a biography/autobiography on someone. Any ideas or good SHORT reads? The report is due next Tuesday (7/1) !!!

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  • gcnp58

    There is a book of short stories by Robert Coover called "Pricksongs and Descants." In it, there is a positively gruesome story about cannibalism that goes into some detail on human anatomy. It would definitely fit the bill.

  • PopperDave

    Have you considered the Patricia Cornwall novels. Admittedly, not short, but the passages describing anatomy and its reveations are pretty well contained.

  • You can use this link as your report:

    You can print the infos in the link.

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