Want to become a biology teacher?

I want to become a biology teacher. Here are the classes I am planning on taking in college. All of the classes that are required of me are listed (I will not post classes related to teaching). Please tell me if my electives are relevant to the average high school biology class. Most of my electives are 300-400 courses.


General Zoology, General Botany, Principles of Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics, Principles of Human Anatomy I&II, Cell Biology.


1. Evolution, Creationism, and the Nature of Science
2. Entomology
3. General Parasitology
4. Comparative Anatomy
4. Introduction to Animal Science
5. Pest Management
6. Animal Diseases & Parasites
7. The History of Science

Any classes unnecessary? Any other fields of biology that I need to take classes in? I have also taken all of my chemistry, physical science classes, and the rest of my general education courses.

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  • Prof. Cochise

    Unless you are also studying theology you may wish to consider avoiding the first course on your list.
    The rest look okay.

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