Websites/books on human anatomy for (beginning) artists?

I’ve been told that studying human anatomy is pretty much mandatory if I want to draw people. I looked up human anatomy on google the other day and the things I found didn’t seem relevant to drawing at all. I’m pretty sure in the future I won’t be drawing the human heart or any other internal organs on the exterior of the human body. Plus, I’m already learning about stuff like that in school. Speaking of school, it started recently and now I hardly have any time for myself so don’t want to spend my precious free-time reading stuff that is totally irrelevant to what I want to learn. I want to spend most of my time practicing (seriously, I’m still practicing anime eyes and I want to draw video game characters. I’m not even sure if it’s "right" to start drawing anime before I draw realistic people!), not reading on stuff I can learn at school.
I prefer websites because one, I have easier access to them and I rarely go to the bookstore. Two, my parents don’t let me buy books if 1) They’re over 2) They’re "unecessary" 3) They’re not part of a series I’m reading 4) I can’t pay for them myself.
Not needed, but suggesting other drawing websites would be appreciated. PLEASE no DragoArt.

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  • i have alot of suggestions!!

    1)i know you stated you dont like buying stuff, but theres this tutorial on "master the human body" which is around 10 hours of how to draw realistic/comic/manga bodies and every single muscle, so it teachs you know to draw super muscler big people to the skinnier, toned bodies. It costs $20 and its what im currently using to learn human anatomy/drawing the human body. If you really dont want to pay for it, i can suggest some torrent sites that have it for free.

    2) Ok these are sort of terrible suggestions, but u can also torrent the books! haha yeah i know so much torrenting, but i guess its a good way? Just search up "drawing book torrent" and you will get a ton of results. I already have like 20 or so books on drawing im reading over

    3) use youtube. There are some good youtubers that teach indivual body parts. One is syrcra. He has tutorials on the hand, arm, and other body parts which you can just piece together. this is a good legal free source!

    hope these suggestions help! haha. Im exactly like you, i wanted to start drawing like anime and concept art, and so i started with anime eyes. literally first thing i learned to draw. then i started learning the head, and then i went off into more of the realistic head. Now im learning more about the human body, and after i master this im going to start learning digital coloring/painting :p

    good luck with your drawing!

  •  ☥♡☮ 

    Though you may not want to figure out internal body anatomy, it is wise to learn bone skeletal structure as base proportion, and the muscular attributes that create the form of the outer skin layer,
    with that you have the body or figure, then add fashion clothing to characters is another level, most games have clothing or suits and armor of sorts,

    for books and magazines, suggest library , may require library card and student card for registration to take out,
    Gesture Drawing Lesson +

    Successful Drawing | Anatomy References for Artists

    HeroMachine 2.5, Superhero Generator,

    Artnatomy/Artnatomia ~ face

    Manga Studio Debut
    DAZ Studio poser

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