What 7th class should I take for junior year?

I want to be a french teacher but I don’t know what class I should take:

So far I’m taking:

AP European History
AP English Lang and Comp
Algebra II
World History II Honors
Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors
French IV Honors

I need one more class so should I take: Speech Communications, German I, or Spanish I?

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  • Ashley

    Definitely Speech Communications, because you don’t want to get yourself confused in languages, especially when German 1 or Spanish 1 would be just the basics of the two languages…. I think taking speech communications along with french would look a lot better on a resume!!!!!

  • abril_rvr

    i think since you are taking french, spanish would be the best choice. spanish and french go together so they can help on your dream of becoming a french teacher.

  • musicmoose

    Speech communications will help you become more comfortable speaking in front of people and help you develop your speaking habits also. That’s definitely my vote.

    However, if that class is one in your school that doesn’t exactly push people (ie: people take it for an easy A), I would say take Spanish. Having another language, especially one so close to French, will help you understand French better. Also, you never know when you’ll need Spanish, as it’s becoming more and more prevalent throughout the US.

  • Mandy D

    Sounds like you should give yourself a break from those hard courses, and just take a nice relaxing course.

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