What animals can I expect to dissect in Anatomy I and II?

I’m taking Human Anatomy and Physiology in the fall and the first class says we will be dissecting animals. I’m curious what animals so I can prepare myself. In the second class it says we will be dissecting mammal organs. What organs and will we actually be working on a cadaver?

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  • dixiechck615

    Depends on the class. We’ve done everything from mice to sharks to pigs to mink to pigeons. It really depends on your institution if you dissect a cadaver. My schools were smaller and we didn’t have the resources to maintain a cadaver, so only worked with other organisms.

    Organwise, you’re likely to encounter intestines, hearts, and possibly even an eyeball or two.

  • rancocas 1

    Expect to dissect frogs and cats in A & P I and II.

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