What are good and interesting topics to write an Anatomy paper about?

I’m taking Human Anatomy over the summer and it is very intense, 17 weeks of material shoved into 4 weeks…

Anyways I got a 5 page report due on Thursday and I can’t seem to find anything interesting to write about. The whole class has been nothing but cramming and has been a blur, I have never struggled so much just to keep my grade above a C.

I loved learning about the Central Nervous System, the Endocrine system, Reproduction, but I especially loved learning about the heart and playing with heart models.

Any ideas?
I plan to write this myself of course.. NO PLAGIARISM

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  • R Hammond

    1. Genetics and the development of the nervous system
    2. Cognition, memory, IQ and the anatomy of genius minds
    3. Degenerative diseases of the brain (Alzheimers, etc.)
    4. Brain Bioengineering and Imaging

  • AuntKatie

    Write about pheochromacytomas. They are very interesting.

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