What are some good resources for studying human anatomy?

For artistic purposes. I’m in that stage where I’d like to get back to basics and draw from real-life examples rather than the interpretations of existing artists. That, and I just all-around suck at human anatomy. Book recommendations are welcome. Websites are okay so long as they’re free or only require a one-time fee. Currently using posemaniacs.com, but I’m hoping for something a little more in-depth.

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  • Why So Serious?

    the figure drawing book is OK for anatomy, good for figure drawing. If you suck at figure drawing then hop on this free resource, and browse through the other free books

    "Bridgeman’s complete guide to drawing from life" has a really good explanation of a lot of things, including muscular and skeletal structure… where as the loomis books don’t go full out into anatomy (thought they’re very good) the bridgeman books do. the complete guide is a compilation of a series of his books, though in a bit less detail at portions
    http://www.ebooksx.com/Bridgeman-s-Complete-Guide-to-Drawing-from-Life_129310.html According to this, if you just sign up for the 14 day trial you can download pretty much as much as you want during the trial and then cancel the trial before it bills you (which will be 14 days in of course) . including this book i just reccomended. I havent tried it, i got the book from the library. I think the site bills you the value of 1 euro for your ‘free’ trial

    Charles bargue drawing course is supposedly invaluable. I haven’t got there yet. I can’t find it online though, and it costs around $90 to buy it. http://www.amazon.com/Charles-Bargue-Jean-Leon-Gerome-Drawing/dp/B000LA0TH8

    figure drawing references:
    http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=130467 for women
    http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=130466 for men

  • Stephie

    Books are ok, but you’d be far better off finding yourself a life class to draw real nudes. The models tend to be fit as they have to maintain a pose for a long time which is no mean feat, so you can learn where the musculature and bone structure is. They’re usually well-lit too, so it accentuates all of the lines. I’ve learnt so much by going to life class, it’s probably been my biggest learning curve. Good luck. stephie.

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