What are some things good to prepare for if you are interested in going into the Army as an 18x?

And you want the Weapons MOS?

I have been exercising to help prepare me for SFAS, and I’m about to start studying a language, but I’m curious what I can do to help my chances at getting into the Weapons MOS. I know some of the guys who want to go into Engineering may study some math, and the Medics may study some human anatomy, etc., so what can I study to help me get into Bravo course if I pass SFAS?

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  • As a former 18x, this is my advice. You don’t need to do any prior studying for the bravo program, they will give you all the training you need. What you do need to prepare for is the rucking. Fill a ruck-sac to at least 50 lbs and work your way up to being able to walk at least 10 miles with it. Once you can do that keep adding weight and distance. You’re going to have to walk a LONG way with A LOT of weight on VERY uneven ground. It’s gunna be a lot of up hill. 80% of SOPC is ruck marching and land nav. Good luck and don’t quit.

    Oh, and be a really good runner.

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