What are the similarities and differences between the frog and human anatomy?

Please give me the answer to
Digestive System
Respitory System
Circulatory System

and also the parts and outside anatomy.


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  • Well,It has been almost a Year since the last time i Dissected A frog

    General Differences are ..a frog is an amphibian and a human are mammals. frogs are unable to regulate its internal temperature, but humans can regulate internal temperature,frog Has 4 Toes While Humans Have 5Toes

    But When u Talk About the Digestive Sys.

    The Frog’s Mouth is equipped with feeble, practically useless teeth Which present Only in the Upper Jaw,They use Their Tongue Which its Top is Folded backward toward the throat.And Its Sticky To better hold Their Pray,They Can Flick Their tongue Out To catch Any Passing Prey ..
    As well as,
    Liquid wastes from the kidneys travel by way of the ureters to the urinary bladder. Solid wastes from the large intestine pass into the cloaca. Both liquid and solid waste material leave the body by way of the cloaca and the cloacal vent,
    Ummmm,They Do have a Gall bladder Just Like Us,Humans …And Also They make use of their esophagus for the food To pass from the Mouth into the Stomach Then to the small Intestine where Most of the Digestion process Occurs …Their Liver and pancreas Are Attached to the Digestive system By Ducts…

    …………….Lets Go to Ur second Inquire,
    I just Did Mentioned That Frogs are amphibians. Almost all of them have lungs, but lack the diaphragm muscles of humans. They inhale air through their nostrils, inflating skin sacs in their throats, then press down with the mouth muscles to force it into the lungs. The major difference is the ability of frogs to breathe underwater through their skin, in a process called cutaneous respiration. Special blood vessels in the skin allow oxygen to be absorbed directly from the water…Am Sure U know,We Cant Do that,Even Thought I wish we can…hehe it would be fun Breathing Using My skin !! Lolz 😀 😀

    At last lets Go to the Circulatory System ,

    I can tell,They are Almost just Like each Others,But for sure their Is Differences… Their heart is Smaller Than Ours,For sure ….
    A frog only has a three-chambered heart, and so their circulatory system isn’t as effective, heat or energy conservative as a system with a four-chambered heart would be.

  • Hall of Skulls No Chocolate Without Quetzalcoatl

    You will definitely see similarity in bone structure. See Neil Shubins book YOUR INNER FISH. Bone anatomy is very similar among the vertebrates and is only a morphing of one comparative to another.

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