what college in america should i go to for anthropology?

and what classes should i take in high school and college? i have always been with solving things, and for a while i looked a doing autopsies, but a little bit later i figured out that blood makes me a little queasy. and well in science class i was one of the best with human anatomy. so i figured hey you have a passion for helping ppl and solving things. and you r good at something why not make your life.

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  • Juanaquena

    Read this article listing the 2010 top 4 ranked US universities for anthropology, as ranked by the well-respected magazine, US News and World Report:

    If you look on the web pages for those top rated universities in the sections on the anthropology departments, you should find a list of courses offered. They will be similar to other courses offered at many other US colleges & universities which offer anthropology degrees.

    Many, many, many US colleges and universities offer anthropology degrees. To go beyond the to 4 ranked instituions, I recommend you use the College Matchmaker search engine on the well-respected College Board web pages: http://www.collegeboard.com

    By reading this section on Social Scientists, Other (Anthropologists are included in this category) of the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will find info on recommended coursework:

    That info should give you a start.

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