• Jewelle

    Most colleges offer some kind of health major, but Anatomy & Physiology is usually a single course at a university and not an actual major. It can be useful for all kinds of majors though, like pre-med, biology, biological anthropology, and kinesiology.

  • anonymous1

    College of Oprah.

  • Future Mrs. D

    Human Anatomy is usually the title of a class. But most colleges have Health type majors and also Physiology … but you’ll need to find schools you’re interested in first then see what they offer.

  • Type in Yahoo Search colleges, best Human Anatomy, Physiology, Health. It all depends on if you are looking for general schooling, competitive or Ivy League. They are fairly common majors, but for better programs look at colleges with Medical Schools.

  • modestlyexposed

    The following colleges and universities offer majors in physiology:
    Colorado State University, Northwestern University Medical School, Cornell University Medical College, Michigan State University, and Pennsylvania State University. There are plenty more out there however, if you do a little research.

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