What do i need to learn to be a Surgeon or a Doctor?

I know i need to learn the Human Anatomy first before everything else. I really want to be a Doctor when i grow up and then if im good enough i want to be a Surgeon.

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  • Jane Hates Men

    Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Hanna

    – Four years of college majoring in whatever ( most choose math, science or something related to medicine )

    – Four years of medical school ( Anatomy, Physiology, pharmocology etc… )

    – 4-8 years of residency (depending on what you want to do GP ( general practioner ) trauma doctor, orthopedist, cardiologist, surgeon etc… all depends on what you will specialize in

  • finaldx

    More than you can even imagine, at this point. However, that knowledge will be accumulated gradually and steadily as you make your way through undergrad, medical school and residency. You don’t need to know or even consider the totality of the knowledge you will need to have, which will likely change a bit by the time you get there (from what it is today).

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