What do you do if you find dissecting a cat horrid?

I have to do it for anatomy II, and it seems very morbid & cruel. Plus what does animal anatomy have to do with human anatomy?

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  • Ariane deR

    Coco , There really are a lot of similarities in other mammals anatomy and human anatomy. But there are some other ways now that you can learn about it. there are some websites that give you tips for how to discuss this with your teacher and school
    You may be able to opt out. In some countries and some US states students cannot be made to do it, the school has to give you an option.
    Other places, you might still be able to get another assignment. There are alternative materials, some may be available to download, others the school might be able to borrow, that you could use to learn what they’re trying to teach.

    If other students feel the same way, you should get together and present your concerns. Be polite and make sure you are saying you do want to learn about anatomy but you would like another way to do it.

    Here is a page with some info and links http://www.dosomething.org/actnow/actionguide/know-your-right-refuse-dissection

    also search for terms like "virtual cat dissection"

  • citizenlovebird

    are you becoming a doctor?

    then do it

  • Clarence

    Tell your teacher you feel really sick and they’ll probably let you go outside while everyone does it.

    EDIT: unless you are becoming a doctor like the person above me says.

  • Just Don’t It! It’s alright to back out if your a bit squeamish. I wouldn’t want to dissect a cat, that’s just cruel

  • BunnuvaSitch

    Didn’t I just answer this question?

    Ask for a different assignment. Sometimes the school will be willing to accomodate you.

    Animal anatomy, especially that of mammals, has EVERYTHING to do with human anatomy.

  • so u have to dissect a cat o.k. if you really don’t want to just asked to be excused or for something less cute XD im hoping the cats died of old age cause i love cats and if i could id sue if they didn’t die of old age and myself i have 7 cats sooo

  • Jeanne B


    The anatomy of animals is very similar to humans. Even some species from non-animal families have similar organs and are used to teach anatomy. So what do you do now? You take a deep breath, and you do it. The animal is already dead, so you won’t be doing anything to it to harm it, or give it pain. It is in fact doing you the service of being there to teach you anatomy.

  • ³ ŤŘÍČǨƳ ƊÍCKƳ³----------------- éáŧɱ±áƹº«é

    When I went to school it was made clear at the beginning of class that the actual dissection was optional, and that anyone could opt out. Very few did.

  • realitytvkindaperson

    it starts with easier, yet fairly complex mammals then works up to humans, which are more difficult. plus, they are probably guessing one’s frame of mind is that if you can dissect cats, you will be able to dissect, say, your neighbor or friend even

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