What involves the study of anatomy that is not medical?

What field has to do with the study of human anatomy that is NOT a medical person, but more of a scientific career and what not?

My cousin is looking for possible majors in college. She really likes studying human anatomy but does not want to be a doctor or nurse. Im looking for suggestions for her to major in and possibel careers.

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  • chafarm123

    One could be a professor of anatomy and physiology or if she is talented in art, she could become a Medical Illustrator. Professional Medical Illustrators get a Bachelor’s degree in art, generally in illustration, and then they get a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration. One of the best programs is located in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.
    She could also become a medical assistant, or a medical laboratory technologist, a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant, a personal trainer, or an occupational therapist. Best wishes.

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