What is so hard about Human Anatomy and Physiology?

I’m thinking about taking A&P in my senior year, but I hear that it is VERY hard. And I don’t want to sign up for something I can’t handle.

Isn’t this course just about knowing where parts of the body are (Anatomy)? and what those parts do (Physiology)?
And since I’m interested in the human body, does that count for something
Is it harder than Biology and Chemistry?
If you could, give me an example of a question on a test

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  • you shouldnt have a problem if you like learning about the human body.

    wont be much chem, but bio will be incoorperated.

    example of test questions?…umm

    1) what part of the pituitary produces LH
    ex ex ex

    ive already taken this in college and it was a breeze so H.S. should be simple

  • Mithrandir

    Anatomy will have stuff on muscles, bones etc and how they work together physically (eg, what is the visceral pleura) where Physiology will be stuff on how the body works chemically. (eg – Muscle action potentials, histology, chemoreceptors, etc)

  • Fefefffef F

    Anat. and Phys. in high school is a joke…at least at my HS it was. I destroyed it.

    It gets tough in university though. If you aren’t good at memorization the class will rape you inside out.

  • It may not be hard for someone with experience in this bullshit, but it’s damn near impossible for me. I’m honestly considering dropping out. It’s nothing but study, study, study, study, and I can’t learn like that. I have a different way of retaining knowledge, I like hands on learning. We get nothing but tests, and god forbid you don’t pass. I feel like a fool every fucking time I get failed, and you know that’s just not how I like to be treated.

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