• Blue Green

    The NUMBER ONE anatomy book you should buy is Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow! This is an excellent anatomy book and it’s easy to understand. Gives pronunciation of anatomy words. The drawings of the bones and muscles are done well. Includes male and female figure drawings also. Every bone and muscle is covered on the body including the facial features. The section on hands and feet will have you drawing them in no time with great ease. It explains form, function, movement, proportion, light and shade on the body.

    The SECOND book you should buy is Drawing The Human Body: An Anatomical Guide by Giovanni Civardi. This book does not show the bones and muscles. This book shows surface anatomy of male and female bodies. The artist draws the human body standing still, plus bending and twisting in different ways, so you can learn how to shade the form correctly. The full body is covered including facial expressions. Each drawing has detailed information that is explained thoroughly.

    You can buy both of these books on Amazon official website!

  • Mickypoo

    The industry standard is Grey’s Anatomy. If you can’t afford or get hold of the full version there is a concise version that pretty well covers everything.

  • Honestly, the most helpful one i have found is Introduction to Drawing/Fundamentals of Drawing by Barrington Barber.

  • old lady

    They don’t get any better than the classic Grey’s Anatomy

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