What is the impact of discovering the human anatomy?

What is the impact of discovering the human anatomy? What was the impact on society and the medical field?

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    I don’t understand the premise of this question. Discovery of the human anatomy? Its not like a human woke up one day and was enlightened to have an understanding of human anatomy. I think it was more gradual. There was however a point where modern day science (and the scientific method) were established in order to place emphasis on evidence and employ unbiased testing. At that point, truth became more desireable than beliefs (like religious or supernatural explanations). Medical discovery accelerated when we started to build on our understanding of the function human body. At first, our ideas on how our body generally worked, was from our experience with live animals, then comparing their dissections with human cadavers. Primitive surgeries were taking place. And even though scientists had begun to favor the scientific method, we still employed many traditional therapies that turned out to be wrong (blood-letting, etc). Once Joseph Lister discovered the ability to minimize the risk of infection during surgery (I think he first used carbonic acid), medicine sprang forward. That lead to our discovery of "germ theory", and thus the invention of penicillin. I think that "germ theory" was the final chapter in replacing the old "snake oil salesman" and phony elixers with modern medicines. And this all let to the modern medical establishment, which teaches doctors practice "evidence based" medicine.

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    i guess acupunture too

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