• SuperTaz

    The most amazing thing about the human body…

    Reproduction? The heart? The brain? The digestive system? The circulatory system? Nah. None of these are the most amazing thing about our bodies, simply because these things can be done by other animals. The most amazing thing about the human body is the ability humans have to reason, to think creatively, and to act independent from a group. Basically, what sets us apart from animals is our ability to think through situations and come up with rational answers and solutions to problems.

  • misscongeniality800@yahoo.com

    you can pee !

  • Rick's Chick

    The Digestive system. The way the body heals itself. That is when it can.

  • Yz_Gurlie

    How man and wonam can look somewhat the same depending on the chothing you were, yet with out them, men and woman can be so much diffrent.

  • 3littlebirds

    that women can create a human being

  • linty_bunny

    the brain

  • jimjones3

    The ability to heal itself. I just got a paper cut and in a few days, the thing will be gone and healed! amazing!

  • Has to be the brain. Not even the most complex computers can match the human brain for it’s versatility. To control the body, even as you sleep, to regulate all the bodily functions, to release hormones as required and to imagine all the things possible and impossible that no computer could ever imagine!

  • tridrago95

    Muscules and the brain

  • cheryl

    the ability to reproduce.

  • DramaGuy

    I have to agree with the brain. To just be able to see this screen and key in this message is miraculous.

  • cutiepie81289

    that we can stand on two legs

  • Apocalypso

    The human body itself is a wonder of nature, but the brain is the most complex and amazing thing about it. THink of it like this
    – the world’s most powerfull computer(deep blue) is only at 10% the capacity of our brain
    – it has to read the input(senses – vision, smell, hear etc), think about it, make a map of it’s sorroundings, and give commands to many muscles in our body, all in a fraction of a second.
    – it does all that super silently

  • errie

    It knows what to do and when to do it, and can Multitask.

  • confusious 2.0

    The miricle of birth.

    Confusious 2.0 has spoken.

  • curiousgeorgey

    The shoulder.
    A baby rests its head on its mothers shoulder, safe, secure and warm.
    Your shoulder speaks volumes when lent to a friend who needs one to cry on.
    its where a girl lays her head when she hugs or dances with her guy.

  • jurisdiction107

    The endocrine system

  • Junior's Gal

    Everything is amazing if you think about it! For women it would be that they can produce food and nourishment for their young.

  • floody1000

    The most amazing part, I must say, is the Digestive System, or the Kidney, the Kidney takes away all the toxics! I love you kidney! 😉

  • auqheebm40

    how female and male could different but they both are human been.

  • christopher_ahern

    The heart

  • aj_squaredaway

    I agree with the brain. birth and reproduction is not limited to humans.

  • stessie

    We are made from clay in GOD’S image … COOL huh…

  • bluedaisy

    I think it is our minds. Our ability to rationalize, analyze data, and discover new things. Giving birth is worthy of note, but then again every species in the animal kingdom reproduces some way so we aren’t unique in that way. But our brains and how we have evolved be able to sit here at a computer and ask or answer these questions, that is the MOST amazing thing about the human body. Opposible thumbs are a nice treat for us also. 🙂

  • h05ellasmom

    Amazing thing… I think that it is the fact that we are made up of so many living organisms. We also have the capability of thinking for ourselves. We rely so much on our body to get through daily life. We are completely different when it comes to other living organisms, but yet we all have the same input. I think that humans are the only things that have periods though.

  • Bella

    I would have to say our body’s "fight, or flight" method. It is a response in our brain that gets triggered when we feel we are in danger, or really stressed out.

  • smudgeward

    I don’t think the Brain can be included in a definition of the body, Doh! The elbow is vital, I wouldn’t want to go on a pub crawl without one.

  • AndreaBocelli

    yes, healing (is) amazing. i once fractured my ankle bone, after long hours in rehab dept, and in one month, the injury healed itself..but of course it took nearly 5months till could walk properly again-maybe its calcium supplements i take..i dunno

  • Crazy Latin Girl


  • 1st Time Mamma

    that we can procreate. A woman carrying a baby for 40 weeks is just amazing!

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