What type of "Scienceclass" talks about moving stuff with your BRAIN with out haveing to use your hands?

My friends where talking about some scientist studying the human brain and being able to control computers with there mind. I have actually seen this done before, I just dont know exactly what type of class/science i need to study. Can any one please help me out?
Is it Brain physics (does that even exist?) ahaha?
Human anatomy?
Physiology ?
All of the above?

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  • Frank N

    A lot of serious work has been done to sense brain waves, and use computers to analyze them. Some has also been done to use sensing of brainwaves as a prosthesis for paralyzed people. The common thread is neuroscience.

  • Parapsychology. I would advise against taking any class of that sort. You’d learn more from a dead hooker than you ever will in that class.

  • Neurology and computer science, I’d guess.

  • Deevil

    It’s called Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind alone. There are believers and there are skeptics.
    The field is Parapsychology. You can check out http://www.parapsychology.org for more info.

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