What will be the next evolution for mankind?

We used to be a lot hairier, and walk hunched over, and our skulls were shaped different…..what will be the next significant change in the human anatomy due to evolution? Huge ears? Wings? Bigger brains?

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  • amiram a

    evolution is not stepwise but continuous, we are always evolving.
    I expect that in the near future evolution, especially in humans, will become artificial, that is we will start modifying our species, the first phase is already here, as we "weed" many bad genes from the human gene pool, by preventing the birth of children with genetic diseases.
    but that process is accelerating, by the application of better genetic technologies, and the main driving power behind this process will be the desire of parents to have the best children possible.
    I expect that in the next few centuries the total sum of selections and introduced genetic modification will result in what could be described as a new species.
    I expect the new species will be healthier, smarter, more beautiful, live longer, but whatever other characteristics people will want their children to have I can not guess.

  • Mc Duff

    huger egos

  • pseudospin

    There won’t be much further change in the human form due to evolution, at least in the traditional sense.

    In the future any major changes in the human body will come about through the designs of human beings themselves. I suspect we will all be a lot more beautiful, a lot healthier, and a lot more boring.

  • Shijuan

    BLIND with no eyes

  • Bob G

    Evolution is an ongoing process. We evolve with each generation. Unfortunately, we seem to be evolving to resemble beach balls.

  • Sheree H

    LOL!! Beach balls!! I love it!!

    I take it that this is a serious question so I will give you a serious answer….I don’t believe that we evolved from a monkey. I believe that we were created just like we are. Nothing has ever changed from one creature into another…there are micro changes to animals to adapt to changing environments but nothing to make it a different creature.
    Humans don’t grow as large as they did in the days of Noah but we don’t live as long either (thanks to the canopy being gone that used to be here)
    If anything at all is happening to man it is this….we are depending more and more on technology and other people’s brains to lead the way rather than using what God gave us!
    IF you believe in the Bible (I do) then evolution doesn’t make sense.

  • gerafalop

    Humans are already losing their wisdom teeth. Not by having them removed but never having them to begin with. It is not as exciting as big ears but the next step in human evolution will be the loss of our wisdom teeth.

  • dendronbat

    We are already using genetic testing for some heritable diseases.

    The next step will be our ability to use genetic bioengineering to make possible for people to be healthier, live longer, be stronger, smarter. The controversy this will cause will make the current controversy about stem cells seem insignificant. Religious fanatics will go nuts at the idea of scientists re-designing the human species. But in the end what parent would not want their child to be healthy, free from disease, smart, etc.

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