What would happen if you showered for a very long time?

I’m debating with someone what would scientifically happen to the body if exposed to water for an extensive period of time. My theory, is that the skin cells would absorb so much water that eventually they would lose the ability to stay together, breaking apart and causing the host to bleed out and die. My friend’s theory? The person would drown. I can’t help but laugh at such a theory, but then again, mine is probably also quite humorous to those who have the knowledge of human anatomy that I lack.

Thanks in advance!
The first two people who answered this are imbeciles. If you’re going to be a sarcastic hillbilly, don’t respond. You’re not funny.

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  • Neither of your theories hold water.

    Only so much water would be absorbed by the Ectodermal layer and the rest would just run off.

    Both theories are washed up.

  • orange

    Youlll be clean and your skin will wrinkle

  • They’d sit in the shower

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