Where can I start learning/drawing human anatomy?

I’m, I guess you could say, one of those aspiring artists’, and I was wondering where to start learning anatomy? I mean, I can draw the basic front view and side view and can work out a couple of poses but I don’t think I’ve quite grasped the concept of it so I decided it’s time to learn more and do it the proper way (if there is a proper way). Or at least a more methodical way.
I know basic proportions of the human male and female through various tutorials but whenever I want to draw a more dynamic pose I never know how to draw it and even with a reference it comes turns out a little off. I’ve seen tons of methods of figure drawing but I guess I just have to know to be able to draw it better. So any tips on how to get started, books I could get(for beginners), and other stuff I should probably know?

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