• rare_rokusho

    microbiology is harder
    there are only hundred of terms to be memorized on human anatomy. while in microbilogy, there must be thousands

  • Jerry P

    Microbiology for undergrads is easier than human anatomy for medical students.

    Human anatomy for pre-nursing students is easier than microbiology for dental students.

  • I think human anatomy is harder. I thought Micro was more interesting so maybe that was the reason. The micro books are set up like high school books too. Good Luck

  • masrath r

    i think microbiology is harder then human anatomy .

  • lil miss agony

    i am currently taking an anatomy and physiology class..and its not that hard..its just a lot to remember… i would think that microbiology would be much-o harder-0 and whoever said that there are only 100 things to remember in human anatomy.. is stupid.. there are a lot more things.. there are 206 bones!!! JUST BONES!!!!! anatomy is a lot of memorization… but its fun adn neat to learn about ourselves…

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