• biology_freak

    all depends on how you learn-

    human a&p is mostly memory related- if you can memorize well, you will do great in this class. I loved a&p because I loved learning how our bodies worked.

    microbiology is more suited for the how things work, live, procreate- so you can learn all about the lil buggers. It was a harder class for me, but I struggled through! LOL

  • microbiology is much harder!

    microbiology is much harder to learn than anatomy! u know why? its because there are thousand and million type of microorganisms.in antomy if u spend enough time to study youll get to know your body as short as 1 month.

  • Microbiology is far harder i think. Anatomy is just memorization, but microbiology has a high degree of complexity to it.

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