Which high school science class should I take to become a doctor?

Well first off, I realize high school classes aren’t very important to become a doctor, but I want to prepare myself the best I can. So my options are AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Genetics, Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology, and microbiology. Which one should I take and why?

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  • Kristen

    Take as many of those as you can!

    Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology is probably the *most* useful out of those. Genetics would be a good second choice. I’d definitely recommend at the very least taking those two.

    If you can, I’d also take AP Chemistry. You will be taking a lot of Chemistry classes in college because of the medicines and such, and this will give you a good base and sort of a head start in college level chemistry.

    Honestly, I’d stay away from AP Bio. While biology is important to medicine, I think you should focus your time more on anatomy & genetics. AP Biology deals more with non-human life – so I don’t think it’d be super useful to becoming a doctor. It wouldn’t hurt, but you’d get more out of Anatomy or Genetics.

    Microbiology wouldn’t be too bad of a class as it will talk a lot about bacteria and viruses I’m sure, but it’s not Honors or AP level. Honors/AP will give you a better base for college at the very least.

    So again, I’d go with Honors Anatomy & Genetics minimum – AP Chemistry added in if you can. Microbiology would be okay, but I’d avoid AP Biology.

  • Doctor

    I Didn’t take any class to become THE DOCTOR It’s just what I ask people to address me as *Doctor*

  • shortstuff

    You should take them all. Understanding the human anatomy would be my first one. Then, chemistry, biology, genetics, physiology and finally microbiology. This is not necessarily the order… there may be a much better one, but you will have a hand up on what comes during college if you take all these classes. You will have to take them in college and going in with knowledge will always help you.

  • Chandler F

    Depends on what year you are. If you are a senior, take anatomy. You then learn the structure of the human body, as well as its functions. But if you want to go into cancer reasearch, take AP biology. You learn the structures of cells, chromosomes, and genetics. It also depends on what field you wish to be in. Being an aid for the school Athletic Trainer wouldnt be too bad either.

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