Who are some surrealist artists and what artists do human anatomy? just some names/links please?

Just as the title says basically /i need some artists that look at the human anatomy and also some surrealist artists? Any artists that focus on mechanical structures?
Mainly mechanical structures or artists that focus on sections of mechanical objects is what i need the most

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  • jplatt39

    Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte were surrealists who used the human figure a lot. Dali usually distorted it (not always), while Magritte used it as an element in his work. Pavel Tchelichev (sp.?) worked with the figure and with surrealism.

    Alice Neal and Lucian Freud are relatively modern figurative artists. Also Freud’s friend Francis Bacon was a surrealist.

    Also look at H. Giger and the cartoonist Philippe Druillet for mechanical constructions.

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