Why do people think im ignorant for voting yes on the ban on gay marriage?

I cant have an opinion on how our society should be? i find it funny that for some people who preach tolerance can be intolarent to the opinions of others. I just beleive its not taural, just look at the human anatomy its meant for a man and a woman to procreate.

Just my opinion.

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  • RJ K (Anti - Jonas)

    How would you feel if a bunch of gays made traditional marriage illegal. Think about that.

  • winnie

    Because you’ve just helped make discrimination legal, that’s why people say that.
    Now, you must be very proud.
    Live and let live, is what I say.

  • robertt223

    not at all.

    its not a discrimination issue.

    Its totally anatomical.

    Everyone else thinks it’s hate though.


    I just happen to despise the sin.

  • joe o

    Because you think discrimination is okay.

  • Grace 2 U

    I share your opinion. It’s unnatural. Don’t lose your intelligence and wisdom. You will need it in times to come.

  • strange1970

    That’s your choice-if I had a choice, I wouldn’t care if it was banned or not, just leave me out of it/I hate it when gay men try to pick me up (I’m 100% strait)

  • Ploppytheman

    Gays want you to bow down and worship them thats why. I really think its that they are so disgusted with themselves they force everyone to like them to make their feelings go away. It would also explain why they have such a huge problem with drug abuse, stds, multiple partners, etc. When I look on craigslist or go downtown I always see ads for gay meth users.

    And I actually think any gay act should be illegal, you know how it is on the books. I would go as far as any act out of marriage, but one step at a time. I assume that gay marriage will pass eventually, I mean look we have prostitution being questioned on the same ballot!! That makes me laugh. What’s wrong anymore? ARe we going to vote on whether stealing is wrong? Cheating is becoming acceptable in society too.

  • Michealla

    Exactly ! Many moons ago……..people would be rolling over to
    do the opposite of what happening today.

    Everyone seems to want to prove to be so tolerant of this and that,
    but actualy the pendulam has swung totally out of whack / in other
    words the balance is gone.

    We can tolerate as a society that there are others for whatever
    reason want to (be) , and are different from the norm. but to take it
    to marriage ? That was put together for a Man & Woman, if anyone
    wants to copy this but make it different ! Then call it whatever you
    want ….but not Marriage…because it is not the same thing.

    If i see someone who looks like butch the chainsaw man , wearing
    lipstick and a tutu and power heels, i am going to think , this person
    has lost his marbles or this person is an insult to women and is
    making a joke of the female gender !
    That is the point that is lost in all this….the perverse way that these
    people bring sexual and explicit situations into the open – out there
    for everyone to see them flaunt , what any right minded ( that means
    balanced by the way ) person would not do.

    Someone brought up well , smart and intelligent, would not perade
    like someone like a desperate Brazillian dancer on Heat with their
    partner in the middle of the day. I would not wish to see this from
    any gender when i am out with children / parents / grandparent/shopping / friends or whomever or whatever

    that is whether one is straight or gay or anyother term bandied around
    there is a word and great job for people like that , they may still be
    recruting ….. "Circe de` sole " ! I think it is all attention seeking
    nonsense. The real gay comunity is as sensible and sensitive as
    any straight comunity. But people that behave badly are not helping

  • You did a wonderful job! Unfortunately many people are too ignorant to use their head. I do not know why. I am terrified that they are going to shout for bestiality next time since they have completely forgotten what family values are. May be this is the waste product of atheism.


    Because it’s discrimination against gays.

    But, as you said, you’re just stating your opinion.

  • $$**High Class Latina**$$

    I mean its just discrimitation towards gay and lesbians!!! Of course everyone has their own beliefs, but If I was told I couldnt marry the one I love I would not tolerate it at all!! Its not fair…who says that a couple must be a man and a woman??? No one!! I honestly see nothing wrong with it..I voted NO!!

  • Bandit

    I honor your opinion. I may not agree with you on this for reasons of my own, but your opinion is your right. Even if you might be wrong. LOL
    Seriously, we can discuss this from every angle but I doubt you would change your mind. This of course is your right and I defend it staunchly. We would agree to disagree.
    I feel that the biggest threat to the sanctity of marriage is how disposable vows and promises have become. Lack of commitment, tolerance of adultery and dishonor has become commonplace in society. That is a far greater threat to families than a gay couple who remain together their entire lives. I don’t think those who are gay do so by choice. I think they are simply born that way and cannot change no matter how hard they try. Gay couples cannot procreate, but it it not necessary that every person sire children. Promiscuity is always bad when one has promised to be faithful before God to another, regardless of sexual orientation. I do not claim to understand God’s position on this, because the Bible has been re-written so many time with political influence of the era. Mary Magdalene was first portrayed a prostitute in the version written by Pope Gregory in 800. His reasoning was to show that the worst sinners could still be redeemed by the Catholic Church. Need for followers may have been behind this as they were at war with Protestants and Muslims at the time.
    Believe as you wish and I will cover your back. And debate the issue with you with no malice.

  • They don’t seem to practice what they preach…..funny how that works.

    You are entitled to your opinion…..and I am entitled to mine:

    Marriage is defined as the HOLY union between GOD, a man, and woman.

    Gay marriage desecrates the sanctity of marriage.

    I’m all for letting gay people get unions with all the same rights, but don’t call it marriage….it’s not.

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