why do things we make mimic the human anatomy?

Let me go into detail things like cars,internet,computers,radios,electronics etc… Did humans actually have the human anatomy in mind when they thought these inventions up. Like a car for example all the tubes wires they all have a purpose. The engine is the muscle all the electrical wires are like the Neurotransmitter systems the fuel pump is the heart and the oil is the water that quenches it all and last but not least the HUMAN is the brain.I wont got to much in to detail because there is so much to compare and I was just wondering if anyone else was wondering the same.

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  • Your argument is based on analogy, not homology.
    There are fundamental differences between machines and human bodies.
    For example, cars travel on wheels, no organ except microbial flagella is capable of rotational motion.
    Any complex machine, human or otherwise, will require systems to divide labour.
    Many complex machines like the pipe-organ were developed during the middle ages, when people thought the heart was closed and diseases were caused by an imbalance of humors.

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