why would i take creatine supplementation when bobybuilding?

in human anatomy and physiology class today, i learned that our bodies produce so much creatine that some we urinate some creatine. if we have so much creatine in our bodies already, wouldnt taking a creatine supplement go to waste in our urine?

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  • no not really if you take 20grams at one time you might only absorb 4grams and it depends on the person. but spread throughout the day their are noticeable results in a week you can gain 5kg of water weight with 5grams 4Xa day then reduce to 5grams a day. it makes you lift more so you can build more and numerous studies have shown this. monohydrate is the main one researched and universal is the best quality at the best price.

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  • tennislover

    Yes creatine is not always neccesary….
    But in an off is best..
    5 grams daily for 8 -10 weeks would be effective

    An much of the creatine we take turns to creatinine wate product…
    Its better if u take a krealkyaline type

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