Will it be hard taking Physics AND Human Anatomy and Physiology my junior year?

So I’ll be taking both physics and anatomy and physiology (anatomy and physiogy as a whole year course btw). I only know one person who’s doing that and she’s in it now. So not many people are taking physics alongside with any other science class…

(I wanted to take anatomy along with my physics next school year just in case I am studying abroad my senior year (I may or may not). And also if I were to stay here anyways, I wanted to take AP Chemistry my senior)

So will it be hard taking both of them at the same time?

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  • Betty

    Anatomy & Physiology requires a lot of memorizing while Physics will involve theory and math (perhaps along with lab). I took both during my own junior year and was able to score an A- in tests. It’s really not too hard once you get your perspective right and find a place to accommodate both subjects. If your future career aspirations has anything to do with getting better grades in either A&P or Physics, use that as motivation.

  • skippy

    It shouldn’t be too hard. Anatomy is one of the easier science classes and physics isn’t incredibly difficult either. You should be able to it, especially as it seems you like science – that always makes things easier.

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