Will these courses prepare me for medical school?

I’m currently a sophomore in university on the pre-medical track. I’m majoring in psychology with minors in chemistry and religion, but I’m taking extra science classes (in addition to the pre-med requirements) to prepare for the MCAT and boost my application.

– Biochemistry
– Cellular and molecular biology
– Human anatomy with lab
– Microbiology with lab
– Systemic physiology with lab

Is this enough? Should I consider taking more than these courses?

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  • Mike F

    This is a great question. You’re really preparing yourself well for medical school. You won’t need really any of the courses you listed for the MCAT, but they’ll be helpful for medical school.

    All of those subjects are covered in medical school and so you’ll be at an advantage when you get to medical school. Other ones you might want to consider are histology and pathophysiology (if your school offers that).

    Another thing you might think about studying is business, especially if you’re interested in setting up your own practice after medical school.

    It looks like you’re working hard to make yourself a great applicant! Remember, though, that academic performance is only one of the many factors admissions committees look at.

    To understand just what it takes to get into medical school, check out this page:

    Good luck!

    Mike Frazier
    4th Year Medical Student, UCLA

  • Diane A

    In reality you can not take enough science courses.

  • They can be added to what is NEEDED:

    General Biology w lab
    General Chemistry Iand II w lab
    organic chemistry I and II w lab
    Compositional english for a full year
    physics I and II with lab
    Calculus ( all the levels offered)


    immunology w lab
    genetics w lab
    cell biology

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