would you implant computer parts into your brain?

Scientists say that human anatomy will merge with technology in the not distant enough future. Will you embrace the new regime or resist it and become a luddite? I think I’d rather be a savage than a cyborg.

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  • abaddono1

    yes, i would

    but someone else can go first.

  • ioerr

    If there was any great net benefit to me than yeah sure.

    You don’t have a problem with eyeglasses or hearing aids or false teeth or artificial joints do you?

  • Yeah i heard this too and I guess it’s closer than we thought. I would never let them put something into my brain… they would have to REALLY bribe me into wanting one.

  • Margurka

    Cyborg means part human and robot. I’d rather be a cyborg, because even if you mean complete robot I’d like to be on the winning aide because we know that the damn robots won’t make stupid mistakes like in movies.

  • Jaden

    I don’t think it’s a good idea…Not unless it turns me into some supercool superhero.That’s gonna be awesome!

  • ASK I

    It depends what the benefit was really…

    Everything comes from the earth… it all depends on how you look at it.

    If I could run at 100mph or fall 100 feet without injury then yeah I would. but it would have to be reversible.

    If it gathered data then I wouldn’t! Fu*k no!

  • Bayleigh

    I’ve been doing a thesis on the eventuality of cyborgization–mostly as it pertains to women increasingly merging with technology to continue the social advances we’ve made since the industrial revolution.

    Cyborg technology isn’t just coming. It’s here. The point will come when everyone will have to accept some amount of cyborgization to function in society. This realization distressed me at first because I’m a dancer who likes her body the way it is, but the more I learned, the more I started to see the beneftis of enhancing my body with robotics and my brain with computers.

    I can say without reservation that I will be making the transition from human woman to female human-robot-computer hybrid when the process is perfected. As a cyborg, I’ll avoid becoming a second class citizen and be better able to enjoy what life has to offer.

    Bottom line: all of you holdouts should seriously consider cyborgization before the competing advancement in computers–A I takes off. If humanity evolves into cyborgs first, we’ll be in control when machine intelligence comes around. If A Is catch us off guard they’ll quickly take over and will almost certainly cyborgize us anyway just so we can communicate. Trust me, you’d rather be cyborgized on your own terms than have an A I force the modifications it thinks best on you.
    I know I’ll be better off retaining my individual personality and initiative than becoming a drone programmed to obey a computer.

  • wishnuwelltoo

    Oh, if this would help people with MS, that would be great. I think I would rather have an implant that take harmful drugs to cure something. I think for some diseases this would be a wonderful blessing.

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