Your Child showing signs of being an Entrepreneur?


Do you remember seeing children selling lemonade?

Or maybe you were selling lemonade, or mowing lawns,

or washing cars when you were a kid…

And while your kids may still be able to sell lemonade, mow lawns, or wash cars, the reality is that we live in an age where you no longer have to focus on just your neighborhood or the town you live in




Just imagine the freedom you can give your child by sharing the world of possibilities that come with being an entrepreneur?

The Alpha Program is a one-of-a-kind platform that teaches children the value of entrepreneurship, and also helps them to foster ideas of their own and to see those ideas come to life.

Think of it as a lab, or a business incubator, but made specifically for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Alpha program not only teaches your children the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, but also provides a way to apply these lessons in the real world by helping them to launch their own brand of products or services.


 The Alpha Program will show in practice how to become an entrepreneurial child and learn the concepts of entrepreneurship, financial education and emotional skills

Details here

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